Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

Traditionally, a metal instrument called a scaler is used to scrape at your teeth and below your gumline to remove plaque and tartar otherwise missed by your toothbrush between visits to the dentist. Nowadays, with modern dental technology, there is a better, virtually pain-free way.

An ultrasonic scaler distributes vibrations to forcibly remove bacteria from your teeth. Quiet sound waves are used to break apart stubborn tartar and bacteria that has hardened onto your tooth’s surface. Followed by water flowing out of the tip of the instrument to wash away the debris. This dental cleaning technology is faster than the traditional scaling and root planning treatment because it removes all of the tartar from the teeth at the same time, rather than requiring each tooth be cleaned individually by a hand held instrument.

Scheduling your cleaning appointments for scaling and planing no more than six months apart can drastically increase your chances of preventing gingivitis, painful cavities and bad breath.  Ultrasonic cleaning performs these tasks in a comfortable way leaving your teeth feeling extremely clean.


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