As well as our ability and willingness to fix broken, cracked, cavitied or missing teeth, we pride ourselves on our focus on providing preventative and hygiene related services. Giving your teeth a helping hand to defend themselves is key to your overall oral well being and sealants can be invaluable in this quest given their proficiency in preventing cavities.

Your teeth naturally have fissures, pits and grooves that are notorious for food debris sticking in them and for being hard to clean at home. When cleaning is not thorough, bacteria can form and lead to tooth decay, which ultimately leads to fillings, bridges and crowns being needed.

Our sealants are ultra-thin, biocompatible plastic coatings effectively painted onto the chewing surface, particularly of molars, covering the grooves and pits and creating an additional protective layer against harmful bacteria and ultimately plaque buildup. The sealant creates a smooth feeling surface which is very easy to clean.


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