Porcelain Veneers

At the same time as increasing the strength and resilience of your natural tooth enamel, porcelain veneers can completely recreate the look of a beautiful, white, natural smile. Wafer thin shells of porcelain are used to cover the front surfaces of your teeth, alleviating several potential cosmetic concerns.

They are handcrafted in the lab from lifelike porcelain material.They are bonded in place needing little to no alterations to your teeth and they instantly improve the look of your smile. If your teeth have begun to develop an unsatisfying color, shape or contour then Dr. Hutto could help by fitting porcelain veneers. Small gaps between your teeth may also be helped by the fitting of veneers.

If your concerns are indeed purely cosmetic, then porcelain veneers may well be the way to go.  Not everyone’s teeth will respond well to tooth whitening or ‘bleaching’. Veneers can give an instant improvement in your smile’s appearance after a very simple procedure.


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