Oral Sedation

As well as a general fear of visiting the dentist, we understand that some patients may have a specific phobia such as a fear of needles and other sharp instruments. In this case, oral sedation techniques may be used to alleviate those fears and make a dental procedure more comfortable. There are also other cases in which some patients may require a much stronger sedative effect than nitrous oxide can provide.

Oral sedation is taken in the form of a pill or a liquid before treatment begins. In some instances, oral sedatives can be taken alongside nitrous oxide for an even stronger effect. Oral sedation can be administered at home a few hours before treatment to help prolong the effects for those with a heightened fear.

A greater feeling of relaxation is produced by oral sedation and their effects may take a full day to wear off, in fact some patients have even reported having no memory of being at the dentist at all. Because of these powerful effects, we always recommend you have someone bring you to the office and take you home following oral sedation.


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