Oral Cancer Screenings

Our office is not only committed to your smile, we are also dedicated to your overall wellness. Catching diseases before they have a chance to become aggressive is paramount to our health. Oral diseases are no different in this regard.  Oral cancer has a high mortality rate and this is usually due to late detection and treatment.

Scheduling your dental examinations regularly is important. During these exams, Dr. Hutto will thoroughly check your tongue, gums, palate, mouth and throat for signs of concern. Our team will also explain how you can perform these checks at home, something you should do at least once a month.

Catching the signs of oral cancer early can dramatically increase your chances of beating the disease. In fact, when detected and treated early, oral cancer can be 90% curable. Unfortunately, most oral cancers are not detected until it has reached a late stage. Dr. Hutto has the skills and tools to ensure that early signs and symptoms of oral cancer are identified. During your oral cancer screening he will look for any signs that you should be referred to a specialist.


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