Local Anesthesia

Local anesthetics are used to minimize your pain and discomfort in the particular area of the mouth the dentist is working on. Anesthesia can be applied by Dr. Hutto topically or by injection. In some cases, it can even be combined with another form of sedation to ensure you have as comfortable an experience as possible during your procedure.

Before administering the local anesthetic. Dr. Hutto will simply dry the relevant part of your mouth with cotton before swabbing it with a numbing gel directly onto the skin. From there, the local anesthetic is placed into the gum via an injection. Most people don’t even feel the needle going in and any slight sting is likely to actually be the anesthetic moving into the tissue.

From this point, Dr.Hutto can complete your procedure without you feeling any significant pain or discomfort. You will remain fully alert and aware at all times. The effects of the local anaesthetic can last for several hours after the procedure meaning that speaking, eating and drinking may be slightly more difficult than you are generally used to. As the area of the mouth affected will be very numb, you should take special care not to bite down on it as you may be causing damage to your oral tissue without even realizing it.


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