Implant Supported Bridge

Although there are many benefits of having an implant supported crown if only one tooth is missing, a dental bridge may still be needed if you have lost two or more teeth. Once again, the titanium-coated cylinder is placed into the jawbone using local anesthetics and is left to fuse and heal for 3-6 months.

To replace two or more teeth, a bridge is then fitted to the implants which improves stability and longevity. Just like the crown, an implant supported bridge offers the benefit of a healthy smile without the need to affect nearby healthy teeth.

As the name would suggest, a dental bridge quite literally bridges the gap left by several missing teeth. This is done by joining the artificial teeth permanently to adjacent teeth. An implant supported bridge is much more secure than traditional dental bridges.

Dr Hutto can fit implant supported bridges in the office, taking away the need to see a dental implant specialist and saving considerable time and money.


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