Dental Hygiene Services


Dental Exams

During your routine checkup and cleaning appointments, Dr. Hutto will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues. If cavities, gingivitis, tooth damage, or other concerns have arisen since your last visit, then the examination will reveal them so Dr. Hutto can recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

During some visits, X-rays may be necessary to gain a better view of your teeth roots, jawbone, and oral structures. Our team utilizes digital radiography to provide clearer images and improved diagnostics, as well as make X-rays safer for everyone. Compared to traditional radiography, digital X-rays require up to 80% less radiation.


Periodontic Treatment

If your examination reveals that you have gingivitis, then it may not be long before it progresses into gum disease if not treated promptly. In addition to regular dental cleaning, Dr. Hutto can perform periodontal cleaning to reverse gingivitis, or reduce its symptoms if it’s already developed into more permanent gum disease.

Scaling and root planing involves carefully removing bacteria, plaque, and tartar from underneath your gums, where they’ve settled onto your teeth roots. Because it is more complex than regular dental cleaning, the procedure can require more than one visit to complete, and Dr. Hutto will use local anesthesia and possibly dental sedation to increase your comfort.


Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The purpose of brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day is to remove plaque from your teeth before it can calcify (harden) into tartar. Once it does, the film of food particles and oral bacteria will remain on your teeth until your hygienist can professionally remove it at your next dental cleaning appointment.

Using ultrasonic equipment, we can perform dental cleanings and periodontal cleanings (or scaling and root planing) to remove plaque and tartar more comfortably and effectively. We advise scheduling your cleaning appointments no later than six months apart to improve your chances of preventing issues like cavities, gingivitis, chronic bad breath, and more.


Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer boasts one of the highest morbidity rates, usually due to late-stage detection and treatment. During your regular dental exams, Dr. Hutto will thoroughly check your tongue, gums, palate, mouth, and throat tissues for signs that might cause concern.

Dr. Hutto and our team will also show you how to perform self-examinations at home, which you should do at least once a month between dental visits. Professional and at-home oral cancer screenings can dramatically increase your chances of successful early detection and treatment, if it becomes necessary.


Fluoride Treatment

Cavities begin when the enamel around your teeth grows weak, often from acid produced by the oral bacteria found in plaque and tartar. Made almost entirely of minerals, enamel can replenish its strength by absorbing minerals to help remineralize weak area in the tooth's surface. To boost this remineralization, we can apply fluoride topically to your teeth during your exam and cleaning appointments.

Fluoride bonds to the weakened mineral layers of enamel, helping it become strong again before oral bacteria and acid can irreversibly damage it. We also recommend using toothpaste and other dental products that contain fluoride to boost the effectiveness of your daily hygiene routine.



Much of our preventive and hygiene services focus on helping your teeth defend themselves, but when they need a hand, dental sealants can prove to be an invaluable ally in preventing cavities. The ultra-thin, biocompatible plastic coatings are painted onto the chewing surfaces of  molars, creating an additional protective layer against harmful oral bacteria and plaque buildup.


Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have the advandge of producing instant images of your teeth using less radiation than traditional film xrays.  We also use CAT scan technology when treament planning placement of dental implants for precise placement at the time of surgery.