Digital X-Rays

During some of your routine dental examinations, x-rays may be required to gain a better view of your teeth’s roots, your jawbone and your oral structure. We use digital radiography to provide perfect images and better diagnostics. Digital radiography is much safer for everyone involved as it requires up to 80% less radiation than traditional film radiography.

X-rays allow us to find cavities, check on developing teeth in our younger patients, and to monitor healthy teeth to ensure preventative measures are being taken when needed. In addition to our routine x-rays we use CAT scan technology when planning treatment, such as dental implants, to ensure very precise placement at the time of surgery.

Digital x-rays allow us to review your results much quicker than when using traditional photographic film x-rays. No chemicals are needed to produce film images. Instead, a near instant digital image appears allowing us to immediately diagnose any problems.


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