Full Dentures & Partials

Even those practicing exceptional oral hygiene and visiting a dentist regularly can still experience tooth loss. The functionality of your bite, as well as the confidence a great smile brings, remain important no matter at any age. In some instances full or partial dentures are the best option available to replace missing teeth.

If you have lost several teeth, but not quite all, then a partial denture may be appropriate. This can be fitted around the remaining teeth, to improve your looks and strengthen the teeth at the same time. A partial denture replaces several missing teeth within a given arch and is usually held in place by a clasp, attaching the denture to some remaining teeth. Regular removal and cleaning is needed to ensure your oral hygiene is not compromised.

Fitting a full denture involves having a prosthetic replacement for all of the teeth in the upper or lower bridge made to fit. An upper denture is kept in place by the use of suction and a denture adhesive. Lower dentures simply use gravity and suction to keep them in place. In a lot of cases, both full and partial dentures can be combined with dental implants by Dr. Hutto for a more complete result.


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