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Is it “just a cleaning?”

A phrase often repeated by patients when contacted about a missed appointment.  It’s more than just a “cleaning.”   A healthy mouth is a key part of overall health.  In recent years heart disease and periodontal disease have been shown to share a direct link to one another.  Each year close to 50,000 people will be diagnosed with some form of oral cancer of which slightly more than half will not survive more than 5 years.  In addition tooth decay, failing restorations and destructive habits can also be identified and treated before an emergency situation develops.  So, is it “just a cleaning?”  I would beg to differ.

In our practice each patient is reserved a time just for them.  We understand that sometimes life happens and unavoidable problems arise making it impossible to keep appointed times.  We strive with great effort to keep out patients on track with reminder emails, text messages and phone calls.  Our goal is to respect our patient’s time and all we ask is equal respect with a 24-hr cancellation notice when at all possible.  No show appointments create openings in our schedule which cannot be filled.  With the rising cost of health care this lost revenue makes it very difficult to maintain the high quality care to which our patients have become accustom.

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to treat and care for such wonderful patients and to all of you we say THANK YOU!

With heartfelt thanks,
Dr Hutto and staff

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