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We are Committed to Personal Care

I have noticed in the last few years a change in the dental world, especially in and around Baton Rouge. Smaller, solo practices are selling out to large dental corporate organizations losing the personal, one-on-one attention that a lot of patients have grown accustomed to. As a result, I’ve noticed an apparent decline in private solo practices like ours.

Today, it seems as though volume is the name of the game and unfortunately dentistry is headed down that same road. You can already see that happening in medicine where 45-minute to one hour wait is common. The problem I see with dentistry is that the volume model does not work. What we do takes time and although technology has greatly sped things up, it still takes time to do what we do and do it well. I find it very unfortunate that this is the way our profession is headed.

This is why my team at Jason Hutto, DDS will continue working for our patients and not a corporation or insurance company. At our practice we work hard to provide the highest quality, one-on-one care by the same friendly staff. We value our patient’s time by staying on schedule and offering early morning and lunch time appointments.

If our practice sounds like a good fit and to see what else we have to offer contact us or give us a call today: (225) 926-4203.

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