Make no mistake about it, your smile is about so much more than just your teeth. Your eyes and the facial features around your teeth and gums all help to make a beautiful smile and with Botox® we can help to erase facial wrinkles to improve that appearance.

Botulinum toxin, known to us as Botox®, is a very popular cosmetic treatment that helps erase facial wrinkles and to relieve stress on the jaw, as well as symptomatic problems relating to TMJ. As part of an overall consultation, Dr. Hutto will determine whether you are a good fit for Botox® treatment.

Often, patients receiving injections around the eyes and upper face enjoy a downturn in facial glabellar lines, otherwise known as frown lines or wrinkles. This, allied with beautifully straight white teeth make for a terrific smile, which can improve your self-confidence as well as your appearance.


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